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Green Apple:

This is what an award winning ejuice tastes like, literally.  The Skwezed Green Apple eliquid is a sweet-crsip granny apple freshly picked from an apple tree captured into a 100ml  bottle.


Imagine a grapefruit where all the bitterness was taken out.  Sounds delicious right?  Now imagine vaping it.  Many vapers are describing our Skwezed Grapefruit ejuice as a sweet and tangy grapefruit without the bitterness.


Whether you have had lychee or not, you will definitely enjoy this ejuice. Skwezed Lychee eliquid replicates the fruit that offers a translucent and glossy texture under its peel, similar to a grape. It offers a refreshing and sub tarty sweet taste that is deliciously hard to describe, vape it yourself to see how much you will enjoy it.


Love peach and you will love our Skwezed Peach ejuice.  This peach eliquid is not over powering to resemble a peach ring, but gives off just the right amount of flavor to resemble the fuzzy, sweet and aromatic fruit with every vape.

Milk Tea:

Who doesn't love a good boba milk tea?  When vaping our Krem Milk Tea eliquid you will first find the sweet milky beverage on the inhale and through the exhale you will taste the sweet honey pearls chasing the complex tea.


Blending the creamiest nut on Earth with even more cream, would be a recipe for deliciousness.  Introducing Krem Pistachio Milk ejuice, you will find the core green kernel hidden in a luscious cloud with every vape.

Patricia B.
22-07-2020 02:32

Flavor takes a little getting used to, I recommend

4 stars based on 1 reviews

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