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M&M M & M Tech 14" Straight Beaker MM175

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Brand: M&M
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Product Details

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If you're looking for an easier way to sesh with your waterpipe... than our Lazy Beaker with Ice Pinch is exactly what you've been dreaming about. Why is it called the Lazy Beaker... well it has our perfect bend in the neck of the waterpipe making it easier to use while you lay on your side or back. It has our signature ice pinch that adds a unique splash of color let you show your personality not to mention you can pack the tube full of ice, giving your that extra chill and smooth sesh for you and your friends. 

Product Features:

Brand: M&M tech

Item Type: Waterpipe

Style: Beaker

Percolator: Shower head removable down stem

Material: Schott Borosilicate 

Size: 14mm for bowl or dab nail

Gender: Female

Downstem: 18mm Removable

Height: 14"

Thickness: 7mm

Joint Angle: 45°

Weight: 3lbs

Manufactured: USA

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